Our clients include…

Great content and great people to work with.
Brad Nix, Founder of RETSO
This was a game changer for me when I heard Hear It Direct in DC. Hearing unfiltered feedback was hugely helpful and we have adjusted our service and plans accordingly.
Christy Belt Grossman, Keller Williams The Belt Team
I put 20,000 miles on the road in training events last year, and Hear It Direct tops the list!
Laurel Starks, Team Owner - Starks Realty Group
I now know, first hand, what a gift HearItDirect is to our industry. Thank you!
Shaun Rawls, Keller Williams Rawls Group
I was able to attend Hear It Direct East Coast yesterday. Wow. It was a mind boggling, eye opener. I am so impressed with the Hear It Direct team. This is the one conference that every AGENT & EVERY BROKER needs to make time for. What we are focused on – what we think will make us money – what will make our jobs easier and more profitable – its not always what will work for our clients. And really, its not about us – its about them. I can’t say enough good stuff about Hear It Direct. I have a lot to think about after yesterday.
Seth Campbell, Tiffany Kjellander EXIT Towne & Country Realty
I’ve participated in a lot of panel discussions and attended many real estate events over the course of my career, and this was by far one of the most organized, engaging and valuable events I’ve attended! I would encourage anyone in real estate to attend.
Madison Hildebrand, THE MALIBU LIFE, INC
As a passionate advocate of surfacing the voice of the customer when it comes to real estate technology and marketing, the takeaways from Hear It Direct are often helpful and inspiring. Most importantly, they’re actionable. Hear It Direct’s attention to detail, and innovative desire to cut through the noise of the online marketing chatter by using the device of the customers’ voice is innovative in the extreme, and a much needed part of the digital marketing mix going forward. It truly transcends surveys, polls, social media and other forms of taking the temperature of the online audience.
Matthew Shadbolt, Director of Real Estate Products at The New York Times
Hear It Direct is not only an inspiration for an industry often lacking in innovation and creativity, but a true breath of fresh air for agents, marketers, and anyone interested in simply listening to, and learning from, the voice of the customer. Often an incredibly humbling experience, the insights have made immeasurable differences to our marketing and genuinely moved things forward in new, fresh and exciting ways.
Jonathan Carbutti, Carbutti & Co. Realtors
Congrats to all your success and for bringing a brand new perspective to the industry conference!
Rivers Pierce, Director of Digital Strategy at Boomtown